About Nate

Nate always had a special bond with animals. He started working with dogs and horses on his uncle’s farm where he developed his understanding of animal behavior.

He started working with dogs as a volunteer at the Humane Society and noticed how many dogs needed help, and he learned that the owners needed as much help as the dogs. So he made it his mission to educate dog owners on what dogs really need to be fulfilled.

Nate is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Expert from Animal Behavior College. He brings over 15 years of experience  work dogs who have behavior issues.

He works with dog owners at their homes using his back-to-dog basics training program.  His program has provided the owners the dreams of owning a relaxed, socialized, and properly trained dog.

In addition, Nate works with rescue groups to foster their most severe cases to socialize and train them in order to be placed in forever homes.

Nate Dog Training
Nate Dunham, owner of Nate Dog Training