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“I was at the end of my rope with an issue with my dog Shorty, who was experiencing anxiety while in the car. I called Nate for help.  He spent quite a long time discussing my problem on the phone and gave excellent advice on how I should proceed.  He even followed up several times with further suggestions.  When I questioned him about payment, he just replied that he was glad to help a troubled dog and it’s owner and he felt confident that he could “treat” us with phone advice.   I am glad to report that as a result of my guidance from Nate, my dog and I have made wonderful progress in overcoming his travel anxiety.  I highly recommend Nate and will use his services as needed in the future, whether in person or over the phone.”  — Julie W.


“I really enjoyed working with Nathan. He solved most of our dog’s issues on his first visit. Then it was up to us to keep up with the training. Nathan gave us easy and practical techniques that we could implement on our own. He was always willing to help me if I had a question between visits too. I would come to him with what felt like an insurmountable problem and he would give me the most common sense easy to do suggestions that worked! Our dog is much nicer to be around and more than that, I feel safe letting her be around my toddler. My stress has been relieved and my family is happy! Hiring Nathan was the best money we spent.”     —Nicole


Nathan Dunham started training my 5 month old puppy who was extremely hyper when she would see other people and other animals.  She is now 8 months old.  After training with Nathan I now have a well behaved puppy.  He taught me how to take charge of my life with my puppy.  She now listens to me and is extremely well behaved.  She does not lead me when we walk and she does not jump on people. She listens to me and I do not have to listen to her. I would definitely recommend Nathan to train you as well as your dog.”  Marilyn M.


We’d like to thank you immensely for the progress we’ve made during our training sessions with you. The change has been nothing less than spectacular.   My wife had suffered a fractured vertebra and was very hesitant to continue to walk our dogs as they are very strong and were badly behaved, to the point of even pulling my wife to the ground.  When we came to your for training, our goal was to be able to walk our dogs easily and in peace. During our four weekly sessions and the exercises you prescribed in between, we can now easily walk our dogs and have a pleasurable experience without fear of them bolting or dragging us along.  As a bonus, the barking is down, they don’t chew up the remote controls and no longer chase the cats. I’m sure as we continue to put our newfound knowledge to use and keep at it, we’ll have no more doggy problems at all!We want to extend a sincere Thank You for the training, as our lives have truly changed for the better and we have already recommended your services to several friends and family members and will continue to do so.”  — Kevin and Judy M.


When we decided to adopt an 8 month old lab mix, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us with training. Luckily Nathan was there for us from the beginning. Before we even adopted our dog, Nathan was never “too busy” to answer our questions and concerns. We started training with Nathan almost immediately after the adoption.

We enjoyed working with Nathan because he was able to teach us how to teach our dog. He also took the time to show us what normal dog behavior looks like. He took the time to join us at the dog park and watch us introduce our dog to other dogs and let us see the difference between normal play and dominant behavior. Because our dog caught on quickly to basic obedience and commands, Nathan helped us with work with behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, boundaries, and basic discipline (especially while walking), which is what we were in most need of.

Nathan was always professional and supportive and never judgmental of our energetic puppy. We are extremely happy with the results of his training.”
Brad and Katie K.

When we adopted our 10-month old Terrier  mix from the Humane Society, we knew right away we needed help training him. He was a wonderful family-friendly dog in our home, but when we stepped outside the door he barked at everyone and everything. After training with Nathan and using his techniques at home, we are able to walk around the neighborhood, visit the pet store and even go to the park. He helped us to understand WHY our dog was barking so much at other people and other dogs. Then he showed us several ways to redirect his focus and ways to teach him to behave in strange, new places. Thank you for giving us a family pet that we can enjoy both at home and around the neighborhood.”  Amy P.


“Not too long ago, our two beagles, Guinness and Lucy were the masters of our home and basically ran the show at our house. Our bed was not our bed, it was their bed. Our couch was not our couch, it was their couch. It got to the point where our house was literally their house. About six months ago we started doing weekly one-hour training sessions with Nathan and he has not only helped our two dogs become much better behaved, but actually enhanced our quality of life.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), Guinness and Lucy were a 9. They were out of control and did not respect us as their Master. They would not listen to us if we told them not to do something. In fact, Guinness would even get aggressive, bark, and sometimes even attempt to bite us if we told him not to do something. It was getting to the point where we didn’t even like our dogs anymore. We could not take them on a walk, because they were literally impossible to control and they barked and stared down any other person or animal that we would walk by. We were unable to eat dinner without both dogs begging and we couldn’t leave food unattended for even a few seconds without them jumping up and grabbing it. Many family holiday meals were ruined because both dogs would jump up on the kitchen counter and devour any food that was in their reach.

We couldn’t leave doors to any rooms in our house open, because the dogs would go in and lie on the beds, eat trash from the bathroom trashcans, and ruin pillows and bedding. We even stopped inviting people over to our home because we were so embarrassed of their behavior and it was exhausting trying to monitor the dogs and entertain guests at the same time. We were both intimidated by our dogs and it was clear that we did not have any sort of control. Our dogs dominated the house and our lives and we thought there was no hope in getting these dogs trained.

After our first session with Nathan, it was clearly evident that his technique worked! We started out by going on a walk. Nathan walked in front of us with both dogs and we walked behind and observed. It was amazing how Nathan actually had them under control and they were following him instead of being dragged by them. By the end of our first walk, we were both able to successfully control them.

After every session, their behavior became noticeably better. Nathan was able to help us understand what we needed to do to become their masters and reclaim our house. I would say after about six sessions, Nathan helped us complete the following:

  • Dogs no longer sleep on our bed or climb on couches and furniture.
  • They do not beg for food when we are eating. We can leave food unattended and not have to worry that they are going to jump up and eat it.
  • They are not allowed in the kitchen area and they do not enter the kitchen area at any time.
  • They have stopped barking and howling. On occasion they will bark, but they stop immediately when we tell them to.
  • They were never able to eat together because they would steal each other’s food and get into fights. Now, they can eat side by side and we do not have to monitor them.
  • We can take them on walks, runs, and bike rides and not have to worry about them dragging us or barking at other people or animals. It is actually a pleasant experience now.
  • Guinness is no longer aggressive. If he does something that he is not supposed to (which is very rare now) he listens and stops what he is doing immediately.
  • Dogs go in their crates without having to be told.
  • We can leave the doors open in our house and not have to worry about them getting into anything they shouldn’t be.
  • We can have company over and actually enjoy get-togethers at our home. We no longer have to keep a constant watch on them.

In addition to all of the amazing aspects that Nathan has helped us, Guinness, and Lucy overcome, we would say the most important is that he has helped us become the masters of our house. Our dogs obey us and we actually like our dogs and enjoy their company. Guinness and Lucy are much happier as well. For anyone who thinks training your dog is a lost cause or has had previous training that did not work, we encourage you to use Nathan before giving up! His experience and training technique is sure to work! It did for us!”  – Matt & Natalie B.

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